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About Jason Mascow

Explosive colors and humorous situations tend to be the theme for most of my pieces. Throughout my life so far, I have found myself involved in a variety of worlds. These experiences have allowed me to execute what I believe to be visual necessities. 

Fortunately, along my journeys, I have participated in many avenues of creativity. Constructing costumes for the Power Rangers, building prototype models for Herman Miller and Thermador, creating science fiction weapons for movies, being the COO of an internet company, breaking my back on the chain gang of television commercials, as well as being the lead singer in the world famous band ‘Hiedi Askew’ are just a few to mention. My current adventure, besides being a father, is spending countless hours deep in the recesses of my studio to conjure up new images that hopefully will either bring about a smile and or a chuckle to someone, somewhere out there.